In June, 2015, Alienor and Victoria (see presentation of the creators) realize a dream and create their brand of feminine ready-to-wear clothing made in France thought around a simple concept: a monthly collection of 5 exclusive parts on a precise theme.

It is thus every month, in series ultra limited that the lovers of the fashion discovered the monthly changing room on (only!). Step by step, the concept evolves and further to the real request, Yayou throws in September, 2016 its first permanent line: timeless and best-sellers of the brand. Now, Yayou concentrates on it permanent collection but also on collections capsules and special parts always edited in limited series but in a less regular way than monthly. The brand offers theirself a first collaboration with the singer Margaux Avril, brought out in June, 2016 for on one year of the brand then recently with Nabilla Benattia.

Both sisters think and draw all the models of the brand which are then patronized and made on Paris then finally sold exclusively on their site. Sometimes simple but always with this small detail which changes everything and sometimes sharper for all those who look for almost unique(only) parts, Yayou Paris differs by his creativity and the accessibility of its models for woman made in France.

Thus it’s in a search for the most just price which Yayou reduces in maximum the intermediaries to propose rooms made in Paris accessible. Of the button, in labels and good-safe the preparation, everything is hand-made on Paris.