Alienor and Victoria, two sisters at the middle from Paris-middle Trojans who thought that the moment had come of find theirself in a common project. Actress for the one and communicator for the other one, their love for the fashion and their will to share their ideal cloakroom urge them to throw their own mark made in France, in the atypical concept: Yayou. Both, they draw the models and select fabrics of every collection. Then, the pieces are hand-made, on Paris in small quantities.

Further to the first collection Yayou revealed in June, 2015 and to the success of the participative financing necessary for both sisters to realize the next collections, the adventure Yayou does not make, it is hoped, that it’s the begining!


One thank again to all the contributors and the partners of the kitty Hoots YAYOU

Web Developer : Céline Phe

Photographer of permanent’s collections : Clara Ferrand
Photographer of Nabilla Benattia’s collection : Nabil Nadifi
Photographer of Phoenix’s collection : Victoria Gasperi

Press Secretary :

Communication 32 rue d’Argout – 75002 Paris
01 55 34 75 35